Increasing retention

Encourage visitor behaviour that works for you – at decreasing cost

Regardless of your online business model, keeping customers and prospects on your website for as long as possible, or making sure they keep coming back, is a critical success factor. Visitor retention is of huge value to your company as well as to your advertisers. The trick here is not just to keep consumers coming back, but to do it a steadily decreasing cost, for example, by investing in customer loyalty. With Datatrics, you receive insight into your visitor’s behavioural patterns and preferences, so that you can reach them where they are with minimal effort. You also receive the tools you need to help them sustain the kind of behaviour your business needs to succeed.

  • Quickly attract first-time visitors further into your sales funnel
  • Use external data to predict group behaviour more accurately (for example, track Champions League broadcasts to predict beer sales, or major annual sports events to track predict on-site hotel bookings)
  • Serve media content that perfectly matches visitor needs and wishes to increase loyalty and retention
  • Benefit from returning traffic that you are no longer paying to attract